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Cookies Policy

a) Cookie and web bug use by MOBUSI MOBILE ADVERTISING SL websites.

MOBUSI MOBILE ADVERTISING’s websites use “Cookies” and similar mechanisms (from here on out, Cookies). Cookies are files sent to a web browser by a web server to register the activities of users on one website in particular or on all websites, apps and services of MOBUSI MOBILE ADVERTISING SL (from here on out, Services). The purpose of the use of Cookies is to facilitate the user more rapid access to the selected Services. In addition, cookies personalize the services that MOBUSI MOBILE ADVERTISING’s websites provide, offering every user information that is or could be interesting to them in accord with the type of Services they use.

MOBUSI MOBILE ADVERTISING SL’s websites use Cookies to personalize and facilitate user navigation. Cookies are only associated to an anonymous user and his/her computer and do not provide data that allows the acquisition of user personal information. The user may configure his/her web browser to notify/reject the installation of Cookies sent by MOBUSI MOBILE ADVERTISING SL websites, without losing the ability to access the Content of said websites. However, we should note that the overall function of the website may decline in quality.

Registered users that register or login may benefit from more personalized services oriented towards their individual profiles, thanks to the combination of data stored in the Cookies and the personal information used during registration. Said users expressly authorize the use of this information for the indicated purpose, without losing the right to reject or disable Cookies.

b) Type, purpose, and function of Cookies.

Cookies can be categorized, depending on their duration, into session, or permanent Cookies. The former expire when the user closes the web browser. The latter expire depending on when their stated objective has been met (for example, in order for the user to be identified in MOBUSI MOBILE ADVERTISING SL’s Services) or when they are manually erased.

Additionally, depending on a Cookie’s purpose, it may be classified in the following way:

PERFORMANCE COOKIES: This type of cookie remembers user preferences for tools within Services, so that the user will not have to configure the service every time they visit. As an example, within this type of Cookie, the following variations are included:

GEOLOCATION COOKIES: These Cookies are used to verify the current country of a user when he/she solicits a Service. This cookie is completely anonymous, and is only used to help orient content for the user’s location.

REGISTER COOKIES: Register Cookies are generated once a User has registered or initiated a new session, and are used to identify them in Services with the following objectives:

Additionally, some Services can use connections to social networks like Facebook and Twitter. When a User registers in a service with social media credentials, the user authorizes the social media network to save a Permanent cookie that remembers his/her identity and guarantees access to the service until it expires. The user can erase this Cookie and revoke access to the Services through the social networks by updating his/her preferences in the social network specified.

ANALYTICS COOKIES: Every time a User visits a Service, an external provider tool (Such as Google Analytics, Comscore, and others that could be added to this list in the case that they were to vary in relation to the current list) generates an Analytics Cookie in the user’s computer. This Cookie that is only generated by visits, will serve to identify the visitor anonymously in future visits to MOBUSI MOBILE ADVERTISING SL Services. The principal objectives of this type of cookie are:

Important: Unless the User decides to register in a MOBUSI MOBILE ADVERTISING SL Service, the Cookie will never be associated to any personal information that could identify him/her. Said Cookie will only be utilized for statistical purposes that help optimize the User experience on the site.

More information about the Privacy Policy in these tools here:

ADVERTISING COOKIES: This type of Cookie amplifies the information in the advertisements shown to anonymous users in MOBUSI MOBILE ADVERTISING SL Services. It stores for the duration or frequency, viewing of, or interaction with advertising content, along with browsing patterns and/or User behavior, as this information helps to create a profile with a high advertising interest. This allows MOBUSI MOBILE ADVERTISING SL to provide advertising that is in line with user interests.

In addition to the advertising managed by MOBUSI MOBILE ADVERTISING SL website services, these websites offer advertisers the option to serve advertisements through third parties (“Ad-Servers”). This allows these third parties to store Cookies sent from MOBUSI MOBILE ADVERTISING SL services which come from User browsers, as well as access the information stored within them.

The companies that generate these Cookies have their own privacy policies. Currently, MOBUSI MOBILE ADVERTISING SL websites use the Google Adsense (Google) platform and their (MOBUSI MOBILE ADVERTISING SL) own network. For more information, visit http://www.mobusi.com/privacy.en.html, http://www.google.com/intl/en/policies/privacy/ and https://www.google.com/policies/technologies/ads/.

c) How to disable Cookes and Web Bugs in principle web browsers.

Normally it is possible to reject browser Cookies, or reject the Cookies of a specific Service.

All modern browsers permit the modification of Cookie configuration. These settings are normally found in “options” or “preferences” in the browser menu. Additionally, you can configure your browser or email settings, as well as install free extensions to avoid downloading Web Bugs when you open an email.

MOBUSI MOBILE ADVERTISING SL websites offer an orientation to the User about the steps to access the Cookie configuration menu, and if necessary, for private browsing in each of the most popular web browsers:

d) What happens when Cookies are disabled?

Some Service functions will be disabled as well.


MOBUSI MOBILE ADVERTISING SL’s websites can modify this Cookie policy depending on legislative, or regulatory demands, or to adapt said policy to the instructions set by the Spanish Agency of Data Protection, for which reason we advise Users to frequently revisit the policy.

When significant changes are made to the Cookie Policy, they will be communicated to the Users either through the web or an email to registered Users.